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My Newfy Rufus

Three days post-surgery

Posted by jillyd on March 6, 2017

Saturday, late afternoon, we got Rufus down the newly built ramp for the first time since he came home.  It was a struggle keeping up with him as he moves so fast and the sling we’ve been using isn’t the most convenient when you have two people trying to help.  He got down the ramp fine and peed for what felt like about half an hour then he lay down for a while.  He tried getting into the deeper snow in our yard but we stopped him, we didn’t want to make things harder for him.  He came back in and then zonked out for the night.  Adam and I slept in our spare bedroom on the main floor so we could hear if he was having any issues, but not a peep all night.

Yesterday morning we got up and he had his daily Dentastix but he didn’t want to go outside.  A friend came by early afternoon so we got Rufus to come outside with us, this time just using a collar and leash instead of the sling, and he made it down the ramp with no problems whatsoever.  I can’t believe how well he’s doing considering the surgery was only on Thursday.  He hopped around the yard, peed for another half hour, lay down for a while, tried “running” when our other dog decided to bark at a crow and chase after it (I didn’t grab his leash in time to stop him), then he came to sit by us while we enjoyed the first sunshine we’ve seen in quite a while.  Here he is with Adam and our friend Ginger.

This morning we took him out and he managed to go poo for the first time although only a small one.  I know that’s a major accomplishment for humans after surgery so however small is a good sign.  I couldn’t upload the video on here as it was too big but here he is on Sunday hopping around the yard.


4 Responses to “Three days post-surgery”

  1.   benny55 Says:


    You are doing sooooo well, especially for this early on!!

    YAAAAAAAAAY FOR POOP!!! What you consider a “little poo”, would probably be considered quite large for smaller dogs!! 🙂

    And YAY for using your ramp like a Champ! My Happy Hannah did not like a sling of any sort either and navigated much better without me helping her.

    That mug of yours is soooooo smoochable!!! SMOOOOCHING you through the screen! 🙂

    Keep these great updates coming AND great photos!! 🙂

    Big hugs sweet boy!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2.   Bonnie Capwell Says:

    Know you’re story all too well and understand how the last few weeks have been for all of you.

    Rufus you are a champ! Thank you for representing for all the giant breeds. Many of us pulling for you as you make your way through recovery. Hugs to you and your family.


    Bonnie and Zeke the Great Pyr Tripawd (6 months post amputation, 8 months post diagnosis)

  3.   traceym Says:

    Aw, love the video of Rufus lying down in the snow! and Yay for pooping!

    What a good looking boy – he looks totally untroubled by everything.

    Keep up the good work, Rufus & family !

    Tracey & Tai

  4.   charliebear Says:

    OMDDDDDDDDDD!!! That Rufus look, those Rufus jowels, the kissable snout, the Rufus in the snow!?!? I mean…he is doing fantastic!!!! Rufus, who is your friend in the snow? Because you certainly are showing everyone it is The Rufus World and everyone is lucky to be in it! You stay a ROCK STAR, Rufus! Congrats on being home and showing us how it”s done!

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