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My Newfy Rufus

Now if only Rufus’s fur would grow back!

Posted by jillyd on June 1, 2017

Tomorrow will be 3 months since Rufus’s surgery.  He’s doing great although he can’t go very far, it isn’t like we can hike for miles any more but he’s always as anxious as ever to get into the back of the truck and go for a ride and a hop.  He still wants to try to jump both in and out of the back of my big truck but we make him use the ramp.  He has a monthly check-up at the vets but there are no more symptoms yet as far as coughing or anything that would lead us to believe the cancer has metastasized.

We took him out to a local pond last week and he can still swim which is one of his great loves.  Try to ignore the panic in my voice in the video!  Adam took him out a few days later and said he just kept swimming out, about 1/4 of the way across the pond before turning back.  I’m sure he was panicked too.

We’re planning a road trip around the 4th July so he’ll be able to enjoy some camping, swimming, and as much exercise as he can stand.

Now all he needs is his fur to grow back.  He got some kind of rash (razor burn?) and the fur just refuses to come back in that area.  It’s back all around his scar and the rash has cleared up so we’re hoping it’ll grow soon.  I think he’s embarrassed by it.  Here he is enjoying some warm spring weather.


4 Responses to “Now if only Rufus’s fur would grow back!”

  1.   mysweetted Says:

    He is gorgeous! So glad he’s feeling better. My Sweet Ted unfortunately had two surgeries within 5 months and was shaved for a front leg amputation both times… it took a while for his hair to start coming back but the second time around it really struggled. My vet told me that melatonin would help stimulate the follicles. She said that, yes, it might make him a little sleepy but it was harmless to dogs and would stimulate the hair growth – just give it to him at night…. My Sweet boy crossed the bridge shortly after she gave me the advice but maybe it might work for your sweet Rufus?

  2.   dumainedog Says:

    I’ve been looking for another Newf on this site for days. Glad to have found you Rufus! He seems to be faring very well. It give me hope as I begin this journey with Obie. I see the surgeon tomorrow to make a decision on amputating his rear leg because of Osteosarcoma. Big newf shout-out to Rufus, he’s a handsome tripawd with or without that strip of fur!

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