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My Newfy Rufus

Rufus – two days post-surgery

Posted by jillyd on March 4, 2017

We picked Rufus up this morning after his surgery 2 days ago.

Yesterday morning when we visited and took him out to use the bathroom, he had to be helped along with a sling with Adam bearing most of the weight.  We went to pick him up this morning thinking we’d have a big problem getting him into the truck.  I borrowed a smaller (lower) truck from a friend and loaded up our ramp and Adam and I talked about how difficult it was going to be getting Rufus in and out.  So much for those worries!  The vet tech told us she’d taken him out earlier in the morning and when she went to his cage, he was standing there waiting to go out.  She didn’t have to use the sling and she said he made it all the way to the grassy area before getting tired.  He is a really long dog so he takes long strides (or hops) so it’s difficult trying to keep up with him and making him go slow.  We backed the truck up to the vet’s side door, put the ramp up, and up went Rufus with us on each side making sure he didn’t topple off.  We did the same at home; backed up to our lawn area, made him wait while we got the ramp ready, and down he came.  He did face-plant but that’s been the only time up to now.

We weren’t sure how he’d do with our back steps (6 steps getting into the house) so Adam ended up building a 17′ ramp with a 90° turn which we carpeted first thing this morning for traction. Seeing how well Rufus is doing after just 2 days, that might have been a little overkill.  He made it up the ramp and into the house no problem whatsoever and went and lay on his bed (photo above).  Since then he’s been up a few times and has moved around the living room.  I sat on the couch and of course he likes to be right there, so he hopped over and lay down by me.  The only problem is the incision is not covered and he has a drain in and every time he gets up, it dribbles all over the floor.  I’m having to follow him around with a wet rag when he does get up so I can clean up after him.  Later I’ll go get some gauze pads to cover the drain at least.  As you can see, he doesn’t seem too worried about the whole thing.  One of his favourite positions … on his back with legs in the air.  Chewy seems totally oblivious to the whole thing after an initial sniff.

Thanks for everybody’s good wishes … more to come!

Jill and Rufus.

5 Responses to “Rufus – two days post-surgery”

  1.   linda8115 Says:

    What a great update! I never get over the resilience these furfaces have they just take everything in stride and figure it out. Amazing truly amazing! Hoping for an uneventful week of recovering for you all!

  2.   Stacy Says:

    What relief!! That is wonderful news. ….Gosh, dogs can surprise you.

  3.   JulieF Says:

    Glad to hear he’s doing so well! Keep it up Rufus!

  4.   Sandie Says:

    Rufus is as amazing, but we already knew he was. Jill I am in tears every time I read your updates. I am so glad he was fortunate enough to have you and Adam in his life. If he is doing this well already I have a feeling he is going to be just fine. The main thing is he won’t have to suffer in pain.

  5.   tinsch Says:

    That is such a great update!! And it’s really amazing to see how he’s already lying on his back again!! That took us weeks to do!
    We had the same thing with the dripping drain and the uncovered incision, but really, if that is the biggest problem you’re having right now: wasn’t it all so worth it??
    Hugs and a speedy recovery

    Tina & Mani

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